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Tools for UltraStar

Here is a list of useful tools which were programmed by users of our partner forum. We tried to get the permission of all programmers for offering their programs here. If you are a programmer of one of the following tools and you do not want us to offer it for download, we are very sorry. In this case we ask you to contact us via e-mail. We will then remove it from our list.

Song Management Tool

This tool, which was created by AAL, creates a list of your songs and shows whether a cover, video or background exists for a given song. Just select the directory of your UltraStar songs. If you have comments or know of any defects, please write to:
see-aal at gmx punkt de

Song Manager

This tool, written by MadTrinity, allows you change covers, videos and other features of an UltraStar song without actually editing the TXT file yourself. This means it is very similar to the song management tool. Just have a look at it and decide which you like best. By the way, although the tool uses the UltraStar.de symbol it was not made by us. If you have comment or know of any defects, you should therefore write to:
UltraStarSongManager at anpa punkt de

Song List Tool

With this tool, your songs will be listed as a TXT file. You may then print it and let people choose a song before singing at a party. As always, select the directory of the UltraStar songs. If you just want an overview of your songs, this is the perfect tool for you! Unfortunately, we were not able to find out who the programmer of this tool is.

Gecco Renamer Version 0.4

Some people still use the Gecco mod although it will not be updated anymore. Unfortunately, this mod uses a format which slightly differs from the UltraStar format and some songs, which were written for the Gecco mod, cannot be used with the "classic" UltraStar. This tool created by Björn Jung puts things right! The TXT files are re-formatted and can then be used with both Gecco mod and UltraStar. If you have many songs, it may take a while. But if you want to avoid crashes of UltraStar, it is worth waiting. Please follow the instructions in the ReadMe file when installing the tool.

And here are our "classics." They help you when you are working on songs or when you need other basic tools for UltraStar.

Cakewalk Sonar

There is a test version for free with which you can determine the BPM and GAP if you want to make songs yourself.


The Windows Integrated Development Environment for Delphi. There is a Personal Edition available for free.


The Linux Integrated Development Environment for Delphi. An open edition is available.


A very good zip program for free which not only supports the most common archive types but also offers an own format (7z format.)

Questions and Comments

Feel free to contact us.