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September 2, 2007 Today we tested the new mod UltraStar Deluxe and it was absolutely fantastic! UltraStar 0.5.3 does not stand a chance against it. Apart from many eye-catching details, the mod includes the possibility to "jump" to individual songs in the list and search for a given song and it has a great party mode. Download it here!
August 25, 2007 We have been waiting for a long time but finally the new UltraStar version 0.5.3 was released! It includes line bonus, simple microphone echo, slightly improved managing of soundcards and extended support of themes. Download it here!

What is UltraStar and Who is its Developer?

UltraStar is an open-source karaoke program for free which is similar to SingStar and was developed by Corvus5. You can download it from sourcefourge.net. For more information see Downloads.

What is the Objective of this Website?

On UltraStar.de you can find the program itself, various guides and FAQs on karaoke with UltraStar.

Please note that we are NOT the UltraStar developers. We are just interested in the program, try to offer help and to answer your questions about UltraStar. If you are looking for a quick answer, we recommend you try out our partner forum. There are always lively discussions going on about how to make a song yourself, technical difficulties, etc.

How do You Sing Karaoke with UltraStar?

You hear the original song and at the same time you can read the lyrics and see a gray bar. The bar shows you the length of the sound and the pitch. Your own voice is displayed by a blue bar that shows you whether you have sung correctly or not. The better your performance is, the more points you get and in the end you might be "amateur" or "lead singer" depending on how good you were.

And it looks like this:

singing UltraStar
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