UltraStar.de - Karaoke

Installation Guide

1. Extract the Downloaded File

If you do not have the UltraStar file yet, you can download it here.

The name of the file is UltraStar-x.x.x.zip - "x.x.x" meaning, for example, "0.3.1" if you chose this version. You also may not see ".zip". To open the file, you will need an extracting program because it is a zip file. You could for example use the 7-Zip program which is for free and can be downloaded here.

2. Start the Program

Go into the folder UltraStar. You can start the program by double-clicking on UltraStar.

3. Optional - Create a Shortcut

Right-click on UltraStar and select "Create Shortcut". A shortcut will be created which you can place on the desktop, for example. Then you will not have to look for the folder anymore but can easily start UltraStar by double-clicking on the shortcut.

Questions and Comments

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