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Guide to Creating Songs Yourself and Altering Them

2. Altering with the Internal Editor

The editor cannot be found in the menu under Editor as you may think but under Game Start. Then you need to select the song which you want to alter and press "E".

information in editor

(Note: This table was created on the basis of a German keyboard. We are working on a version with an English keyboard right now but it may take a while.)




raise BPM by 0.5
` (accent "`") reduce BPM by 0.5
Shift + raise BPM by 1
Shift + ` reduce BPM by 1
M double BPM
D divide BPM in half
0 (zero) raise GAP by 10
9 reduce GAP by 10
P listen to current page
Ctrl + - move marked text to next page
down arrow show next page
up arrow show previous page
right arrow select next syllable
left arrow select previous syllable
Ctrl + left arrow extend tone (fixed end)
Alt + right arrow extend tone (fixed beginning)
Ctrl + right arrow reduce tone (fixed end)
Alt + left arrow reduce tone (fixed beginning)
Shift + left arrow move tone to the left
Shift + right arrow move tone to the right
+ raise tone tone is not risen in the screening (only the number)
- (minus) reduce tone tone is not reduced in the screening (only the number)
Esc reject changes
S save changes

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